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© Kiley Acosta, PhD 2021 Creative Project [CP] U.S. Latinx Voices Digital Exhibition For

© Kiley Acosta, PhD 2021

Creative Project [CP]

U.S. Latinx Voices Digital Exhibition

Formal Written Description and


: Submission of the Creative Project [CP] involves two (2) steps. Please review each step carefully to ensure you have completed all [CP] submission requirements for the written component and digital file(s) of your project. The content you submit will be collected and uploaded to our U.S. Latinx Voices Digital Exhibition. To fill in your template, scroll down to the highlighted TEMPLATE heading and enter your data.

Step 1.1:[CP] Metadata

For the purposes of our exhibition, think of your project as a digital artifact. Your digital artifact is a primary source archive that will be placed on display. We will create metadata to catalog and organize our digital artifacts for online exhibition. This metadata also serves the purpose of safeguarding your intellectual rights to the digital artifact you have created. You must provide the metadata for your digital artifact in the template below using the specified format. Font: Times New Roman 12 pt., single-spaced.

Title | The title of the project: For example, “Collage of Xiomara’s Thoughts” or
Central American Memory in Verse or the “Latinx Identity Survey”

What | The original medium that was used to create this digital archive: Photography, painting, collage, graphic art, video, podcast, hard copy or digital book, quantitative or qualitative research, survey, essay, poem, etc…

Who | The author(s) of the archive: Include the names of all collaborators.

When | The date of the archive: When was the archive made? The more exact the date the better.

Where | The location where the archive was made: If the location is known, include it. If it is a digital archive, include the website.

Step 1.2:Project Overview and Citations

Write an overview statement about your digital artifact. This overview is designed to help exhibition visitors make sense of your project and how it relates to the goals of our U.S. Latinx Voices Digital Exhibition. You may use the Creative Project Proposal you wrote for 🎨[CP]
Tarea 3. Include any relevant revisions suggested by your peer-reviewers. Be sure to change the description of your project from future to present tense now that the project is complete. In the boxes below your project overview template, include a

for the course reading you have connected to your project. Include a citation for the related work you have selected from the

SAAM Latinx & Chicanx Art Collection
(note: the collection will generate an automatic citation for you by clicking the “cite” icon to the right of the image. Choose “MLA 9” citation format, copy, and paste to your template).



In this project…..

Course Text(s):

Acevedo, Elizabeth.
The Poet X. New York, HarperTeen, 2018.

SAAM Latinx & Chicanx Art Collection:

Dale-Deines, Elizabeth. “Smithsonian Learning Lab Resource: Cocina Jaiteca, from the National Chicano Screenprint Taller, 1988-1989.” Smithsonian Learning Lab, Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access, 10 Sep. 2021,

Step 2:[CP] Submission

In addition to submitting your formal written component through this template via Google Assignments, you must upload all Creative Project media files for digital display to Canvas. All students must submit a formal written component template individually. However, if you have worked in a group for the [CP], only one (1) member of your group needs to submit the project digital media files on the forum, making sure to include the names of all group members. Please save your media files in the following format:

<Group Names>_<Project Name>_<Span139F23>.<FileExtension>.

Example: KileyAcosta_LatinxIdentitySurvey_Span139F23.PDF

· Go to the Finals Week/Creative Project [CP] tab on Canvas to upload your files to the discussion forum entitled: 🎨
[CP] Tarea 5.1 & 5.2 | FINAL Creative Project + Comments

· Paste the text of your [CP] overview, or link a doc containing the written components.

· Don’t forget to comment on two (2) peer creative projects by Saturday, December 16th @11:45pm.


✏ Consent to display: I am aware that my CP project submission will be displayed online as part of the digital exhibition for Span139. Should I wish to remove my project from the digital exhibition at a future time, I understand that I must submit a formal, signed request to Professor Acosta ([email protected]) stating such, and that my request for removal from the digital exhibition will be honored. Please check the box below:

· I consent to display my creative project in the Span139 Digital Exhibition (check box to sign).

1.1: Metadata






1.2: Project Overview (proposal) and Citations


Course Text(s):

SAAM Latinx & Chicanx Art Collection:


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