The Relationship between Alcoholism, Sleep, and Academic Poor Performance.

This assignment requires you to write a draft of the abstract and results sections of your proposed research project. To do so, you’ll need to refer to the applicable course materials from the texts and lectures to ensure that all necessary components are included your abstract and results sections. In order to complete the a draft of your results section, you’ll need to first fabricate data appropriate to the research design, observations, documents, or measures that you are proposing for your study. Please create such data as if you had collected it from real individuals, and present them according to the style guidelines in the Displaying Results chapter of the APA manual (you do not need to submit your raw data). Such necessary components include description of the following: Participant recruitment, inclusion, and flow Baseline or demographic data, statistics, and data analysis (including ancillary analyses) Intervention or manipulation fidelity and any adverse events To receive credit for this assignment, you should attempt to address each of the components noted in the readings and PowerPoints, and do so in a format and style that complies with the basic APA requirements. So long as you: (a) attempt to format and style your document correctly; (b) attempt to address each listed component for the abstract and results section.


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