Law Enforcement Organizational Culture

Topic 1 Benchmark Assignment – Law Enforcement Organizational Culture

Assignment description and guidelines: In this assignment you will evaluate the following aspects of a law enforcement agency. 1. Leadership 2. Mission 3. Overall Operational – System 4. Subgroups 5. Accountability In order to successfully complete this assignment, please review the guidelines for completion listed below. • Research and select a law enforcement organization that has not been under federal review. • Compare/Contrast either the NOPD or the LAPD with the policing agency that has not been under federal review. To begin this process: o Review the consent decrees for the New Orleans Police Department and the Los Angeles Police Department. o NOPD – o LAPD – o Pay attention to the policing data and the annual master training plan reports. o o Review Chapter 2 in your textbook.

Write a 1,250-1,500-word essay in which you: • Compare and contrast the policing agency under review with the agency you have chosen that is not under review. o Differentiate between the managerial skills in each agency. Discuss management skills in the group culture. o Describe the differences between the two departments that cause one to be under review and the other to not be under review. o Evaluate the behaviors and attitudes within each agency. o Examine the tasks that are delegated and the alignment with the organization’s mission statement. o Explain how law enforcement activities and documentation of each department were either in compliance or were non-compliant. o Explain what the department under review can learn from the department that is not under review. • Analyze a subgroup within each of the two departments and compare the cultures of those two subgroups. • Describe how specific aspects of each subgroup’s culture contributes positively or negatively to the culture of the department as a whole


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