Map Set Hydrosphere

Possible Hazard Topic Ideas include (but are not limited to): Week 4 Map Set Hydrosphere: Snow blizzards Tsunami Sea level Rise Storm Surge Flooding Ground Water Pollution Check out for definitions of the earth “spheres” . You should map the SAME HAZARD data set at three different scales starting with the local scale (shows 1 city), zooming out to a regional scale (shows 1 state or small country), and finally zooming out to a global scale (shows 1-2 continents). Your map set (3 Maps, 3 descriptive paragraphs) should be submitted on ONE single .doc or .pdf. The descriptive paragraphs should explain the hazard pattern (Where is the hazard occurring and not occurring?), process (Why does the hazard occur some places but not others?), and proposed solutions (How dangerous is this hazard? How could this hazard be managed?).

Outside research should be conducted and cited. How will you make an original map set for each sphere? In order to make a map you need a base map, and data. You will use a variety of sources such as NATIONAL MAP, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAP MAKER, GOOGLE EARTH, to get base maps and data, NOAA, NATIONAL HAZARD VIEWER, HISTORICAL HURRICANE TRACKER, TORNADO HISTORY PROJECT, WATER RISK ATLAS, and WINDYTY. There are 4 steps to this part of the assignment: Choose a free map maker and play around with the available data. Decide which hazard you want to map. Once you have mapped the hazard data, look for patterns at local (1 ctiy), regional (1 state or small country) and global (1-2 continents) scales. If interesting patterns emerge, then you will want to do some research so you can explain the geographic pattern & process. If no patterns emerge, then you may want to map a different data set or look in a different area (zoom in/out or focus on a different area). Finally you will capture an image of your completed map (or just a screen shot) and import it into a word processing program like word where you can add a title, legend, any labels, a paragraph caption and your screencast URL. Your INDIVIDUAL Map Set Should Be original, and cite all outside data and sources Map the week’s sphere hazard at local (1 city or county), regional (1 state or small country) and global (the entire U.S., a continent, or the world) scales. Contain a descriptive paragraph caption (5-10 sentences, college level writing) which describes the hazard patterns, process and proposed solutions. Contain a scale bar (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., north arrow, legend and descriptive title. Be easy to see and read.


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