Commercial Entrepreneurship

My major is commercial Entrepreneurship so please find a leader with the same major as it says in the instructions. For this assignment, you are required to research a leader you admire. This person can be any leader in any field, but it is not someone that you know. You will then write a paper that incorporates your research and reflects what you have learned this semester about leadership styles. Important Notes for the assignment: The person that you research cannot be a relative. You will be required to use an acceptable citation format such as APA to reference the materials you use to compile your research. You must include information that you have learned in our class regarding leadership styles. You need to select a Leader in your Meta-major. Directions for the assignment: The body of your research paper should be at minimum of (3) complete pages and include responses to the following questions in your research.

There should be a title page and a separate reference page. You will type your information using APA citation. Turn each of the questions into sub-headings for your research paper so I can identify the information related to each question in your paper. See the Sample Research paper with sub-headings posted in the Modules navigation area of Canvas. Why have you chosen to research this person? What is the impact this person has had in his or her field? Tell their story. What is it about them you admire? What lessons can you take from what you know of their life experience? Make sure you identify from the book what you think their leadership style is. Discuss how 3- 5 of your strengths from Strengths Quest compare to the strengths of the Leader you are researching. Discuss how 3-5 of your strengths support your career choice? If you were having lunch with this person, what are five questions you would really want to ask them?


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