Censored 2018

For this essay, please select one story from the book censored 2018 chapter 1 and analyze it through the lens of the “Propaganda Model.” The choice of story is yours, but whichever story you choose, you should examine closely the reasons for its inclusion in this list. What filters do you think to apply? Who do you think might benefit from this story being underreported? Herman’s analysis of the media coverage of the leadup to the Iraq War is a good example. You don’t need to do as thorough a job of research as he does, but you probably will need to do some. If, for example, you’re arguing that the story was censored because of a news outlet’s ideology, you might need to do some research on that particular news outlet and why their political philosophy would be challenged by the story. Your essay should include the following: Introduction, Summary of the article you’re analyzing, including attribution of the original source Analysis including an explanation of how the Propaganda Model applies to this story and what specific “filters” were at work here. Don’t forget to cite your research also your essay should be 4-5 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 point font. The final draft will be due the following Wednesday, 3/20.


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