Q1: Do you think that most Gillette users keep on buying Gillette products because of attitudinal loyalty, or behavioral loyalty? Explain your point of view. Q2a and Q2b: In the past couple of years, one of the most fashionable words in Marketing has been “DISRUPTIVE”. Many marketers actually describe themselves as “disruptive” in their cv’s…  (a) please use Google to find a few articles about “disruptive marketing”, and give me your definition of it, after you have read a few articles. Make sure you mention the “pros” and “cons” of disruptive marketing in your answer. Then (b) read the following article on Gillette and its new competition, and tell me how Gillette uses that notion of “disruption” to position itself vis-a-vis its growing number of competitors. Article to read: Q1. What do you think of the choice of “SEPHORA” as a brand name? To answer this question, make sure you use the checklist we discussed when covering branding-related issues (Chapter 7’s PowerPoint file). Q2. How would you describe Sephora’s value proposition? Q3. What do you think of Sephora’s digital and social media efforts as of the fall of 2010? Was it wise in your opinion to create Beauty Talk as a separate social platform to Facebook?


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