Business intelligence

 As organisations pursue to exploit the business value of their information systems and technology (IS/IT), Business Intelligence (BI) has become a topic of great interest to businesses. One of the main advantages of BI is its ability to provide businesses with more insights that can contribute directly towards strategies, and in particular decision making, and create business value. Furthermore, BI can also offer businesses the required support to improve their efficiency through an array of activities including capabilities and process automation and streamlining. Hence, greater reliance is placed on BI as an infrastructure for information generation and gathering, seen as a paradigm shift, making BI a topic of great interest to industries and academics alike. This innovative driven technology has strategically transformed business processes towards a more effective, proactive and dynamic service model for computation, communication and information capabilities responding to the needs of the markets. In this respect, this assignment is focusing on examining how Business Intelligence can be deployed as a driver for organizations towards strategically supporting their decision making in order to sustain their competitive advantage. As an IT director of a retail company focusing on selling soft furnishing products from international providers, your task in this assignment is to: 1. Verify how Business Intelligence solutions can be aligned with overall strategy for the organisation. 2. Examine Business Intelligence value creation for organisations; in particular how BI can be utilised as a vehicle in strategically supporting maintaining a competitive advantage for this organisation 3. As part of your discussions, you will need to provide a number of recommendations/concluding remarks which will be expected to offer how you foresee such technological solution can offer the opportunity for the organisation to improve its overall performance Your report should provide the required discussion and analysis on how to address the above issues. Where possible, you are encouraged to utilize a walkthrough example with a local case/company for your work in this assignment. Otherwise, you can present your work based on a hypothetical organizational sittings (i.e. Qx). Assessment basis:  Clear and logical assignment structure  Application and understanding of any relevant concepts and/or theory  Identification, use and depth of relevant evidence to substantiate discussion/analysis  Justification for statements/assumptions made  Critical evaluation, rather than descriptive stance  Awareness to the context of the problem  Citation and referencing (sources, relevance, range, citation accuracy)  Professional standards of presentation


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