Thermodynamics of living organisms

 Research Paper Assignment For this assignment, you will write a research paper. The purpose of the report is to find information on a topic and organize the information in a way that provides a good review of the topic. It is not an essay, where the purpose of the writer might be to argue for a certain viewpoint or course of action related to an issue. Furthermore, the purpose of this assignment is not to express your opinion on the subject. Rather, the report should summarize the selected topic and help you to understand the related important concepts. The focus of the paper should be the scientific aspects of the topic you select. It may be that historical, economic, social, and political dimensions will be included in your paper, but show for the science concepts. How does this particular technology work? What specific principles of chemistry (physics or biology) are involved here? What technical problems need to be considered or overcome? Again, avoid arguing for a certain personal viewpoint in this report. It should be an objective summary. In general, anything you say in the report to be reinforced by references or by your own analysis of statistics/data that are supported by credible references. To write a good research paper, you will need to read much more than you actually include in the report. Work to understand what you have read, then carefully choose the information to summarize, telling the story of the topic in a concise and well-organized manner. Avoid just stringing lists of facts together. Get started early and keep track of your references. Formatting Requirements This paper should be 800 – 1000 words, and formatted according to the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide. Consequently, the paper should be double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins all around. A minimum of three credible references should be cited (see below for acceptable sources). Standard aspects of English grammar and style should be followed, including but not limited to APA citation format. The grading rubric, which will be posted, will take these requirements into account. Finding Sources To get started on this paper, I suggest you do two things. First, do an Internet search (Google, for example) to learn some background facts about the topic and to find useful leads to sources. Secondly, go to the Georgia Military College library website ( and select “Databases A-Z” from the Quick Links menu. A good database to start with would be “EBSCO Host (Science & Technology Collection)” or “ProQuest”. Ask for help from the GMC librarian if you need assistance. Most of the useful information on these topics will be very recent, so references should be no older than five years from the due date. Focus on periodicals and journals rather than books. Be critical of all your sources, evaluating them for depth and reliability by comparing them with other sources. Internet sources may not be used in your paper unless they are associated with reputable publications or professional organizations. For example, an online information paper from a professional organization such as the American Chemical Society is likely to be acceptable, but one from an industry advocacy group such as the American Chemistry Council should be viewed with much more caution. However, do not completely ignore websites. They can be excellent secondary sources. Generally, if an internet source is good it will give published references, and you should examine those references. It is likely that they will be sources rather than the internet article itself.


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