Global Supply Chain Logistics


Question 1:

Global Supply Chain Logistics

1a. Discuss why the supply chains of organizations are increasingly becoming global. Give at least four benefits associated with having a global supply chain. [8 marks] 1b. Focusing on the global supply chain factors, describe the global supply chain of TWO of the following organizations: • Apple • Zara. [14 marks] 1c. Thinking about the logistics (that is, the storage facilities and the transportation), what are the issues and risks that have to be considered when designing a global supply chain? Your answer should discuss at least five issues or risks, and for each should provide an example of how a specific organisation has addressed that issue or risk. [25 marks] (THE KRAFT HEINZ COMPANY) Question 2: visibility of information 2a. Explain how visibility of information has helped organizations with their forecasting and planning. To support your answer, describe how such visibility has helped within the supply chain of any two organisations that are in different industries. ( THE KRAFT HEINZ COMPANY AND THE ROYAL DUTCH SHELL) [18 marks] 2b Discuss the benefits and challenges for an automotive manufacturing company of implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Assume that the company is a suitable candidate for using an ERP  system. [15 marks] 2c. IBM’s Gilmour (2009) states the smart supply chain must be “instrumented, interconnected and intelligent”. Explain what is meant by these three terms and provide an example for each of them that helps explain how a smart supply chain is put into practice. [12 marks]

Question 3:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

3a. Discuss the different ways in which a customer can communicate with a product/service provider. [9 marks] 3b. Explain how Social CRM is changing the nature of the relationships between customers and product/service providers. Provide four examples showing how product/service providers are using Social CRM, which demonstrate such changes. [18marks] 3c. Explain how customers can perceive the use of Social CRM to have both positive and negative outcomes for them. [


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