Creative portfolio

Type: Creative portfolio

Length: Up to 5 pages for the body part (excluding title page, figures, and reference list) Due Date: Objectives: Mar 31st 1. Portfolio assignment You will select a key issue to address in the sprint. Using a range of design thinking techniques, you will demonstrate a deep understanding of the issue, which customer it is relevant for, and develop creative solutions to the issue. (Think about an issue that SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) will face in their development; it should relate to customer; then how to solve this issue, can government solve it?) (From Class Lecture: Wants to: grow his business Characteristics: – Lacks the capabilities to grow business – Time-poor – Doesn’t have a lot of money Feels: left out.

Most government, private sector and education focus on helping start-up and larger originations.) 2. Content a) Title page, containing the following: (excluded from page count) Course title; Assessment title; Date; Your name; and Student number b) Overview and justification of the issue and customer: (2-3 pages) – Provide a convincing overview of the issue and the customer you are addressing. – Justify why this is an important issue for the customer to get resolved and for the company to address (e.g. size of market). – It is up to you to decide which tools you think are most useful, but tools such as journey mapping, value proposition, customer personas can be useful in understanding the problem and the customer. – The page count refers to the explanation/justification only. Figures of value proposition canvas, journey map etc. can go into the Appendix or interwoven in the body text, but either way do not count towards word/page count. c) Solution development (2 pages max) – Use a range of creativity techniques to develop your solution. – Justify your solution by highlighting key elements that connect to the identified issue and customer in part (a). – Present your solution in a three-panel story board (not part of the page limit). – It is up to you which creativity tools you use and report, but useful ones may be to learn from other industries (lightning demo), opposite thinking, crazy 8 etc. (i) If you think it is useful to add those into the portfolio, place them in an appendix (excluded from page limit).


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