At Melissa’s Boating Emporium, Melissa rents different kinds of boats


  1. At Melissa’s Boating Emporium, Melissa rents different kinds of boats to their customers: jet skis, skiffs, and pontoons for a day. All boats will have a specific daily rental rate.
    Melissa needs to manage the following pontoon information:

    • Registration Number
    • Name (each pontoon is named uniquely)
    • Manufacturer
    • Length
    • Capacity (i.e., how many people they will hold)
    • Skiffs are fairly standard, so Melissa needs to only manage the following skiff information:
    • Registration Number
    • Manufacturer
    • Jet Ski information Melissa needs is as follows:
    • Registration Number
    • Manufacturer
    • Date Manufactured
    • Jet Ski type (Recreational, Rec-Lite, or Luxury)
    • Age of Jet Ski
    • Pontoons and skiffs can be used for fishing, and Melissa will see to it that you have the right equipment for your rental. As an option, your rental can include the following types of equipment: bucket, net, bait knife, cutting board, map of surrounding areas, anchor, rod rentals and bait. Every piece of equipment has its own rental cost.  Each of these fishing items can be added to your boat rental, but equipment is not associated with any one boat. Any boat rental can also include an optional flare gun from the inventory of equipment for an extra price. All equipment will have a description and a rental price. All boats are available for rentals.
      Melissa wants to keep track of the date of all her rentals and the overall charge. As for her customers, she will want to log their name (first name and last name will do), their cell phone number, and their New Jersey Boat Safety Certificate identification number.
      Finally, Melissa will sell any of her used Jet Skis to customers. She will make a determination at the time of sale as to what she will charge. But she wants to keep track of the amount of the sale, the date of the sale, and to whom it was made.
      Please submit your ER or EER diagram.

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