, summarize four selected and approved research articles. Sources must


  1. , summarize four selected and approved research articles.
  2. Sources must be reputable and within five years of publication.
  3. List the inclusion and exclusion criteria used in the search (one paragraph).
    1. Include the terms used in the search and the filters used for search: date ranges, key words (if applicable), qualitative versus quantitative articles, and so on.
    2. Identify the search engine(s) used for the search (PubMed, CINAHL, EBSCO, UpToDate).                      
  4. Provide an appraisal/analysis of the articles.
    Describe the research components valuable to the creditability of the studies (one to two paragraphs per article).

    1. Summary of overall article as it pertains to proposed project
      1. Number of participants/sample size
      2. What was done in the study
      3. Validity/reliability of the pre- and post-assessment tool(s), if applicable
      4. Findings of the study
      5. Any other pertinent information

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