You will choose a region of the world from the

You will choose a region of the world from the following: Asia, Europe, Africa, or South America. Within this region, you may select one country to research. For that country, you will survey the political, economic, legal, cultural, trade, and monetary environment. In addition, you are expected to outline the challenges and opportunities of conducting business in the country and provide relevant guidelines for successful international business ventures (like introducing a  good or a service) in the country based on your research about the country as well as international business. I recommend you approach this paper as a consulting firm or government agency providing information about this country to business people around the world.

This report should be able to be used by a firm located anywhere in the world that may be interested in doing business with your selected country. Thus, you should take a business perspective with regard to these topics and not take a US-centric perspective.

 A possible outline that includes major topics for your report is:


2.Political Environment (political system, structure, political parties, political risk)

3.Legal environment (legal system, legal issues in international business, legal risk)

4.Economic environment (economic system, main products, and services, economic risk)

5.Monetary environment (currency system, currency risk)

6.Trade environment (major exports/imports, main trading partners, regional economic integration, tariff and trade barriers, government incentives for conducting business there)

7.Cultural analysis (cultural determinants, cultural dimensions, norms)

8.Outline of challenges and opportunities of doing business in the country (i.e. analysis and integration of information from other parts of the paper and other country data)

9.Guidelines for success when doing business in the selected country (i.e. not in general)

The written report should be 8-10 pages in length and not to exceed 10 pages (single-sided, typed, double-spaced, and error-free in 11-12-point font), excluding the cover page, table of contents, list of references, and appendices. In addition to the main content, all written reports must include a cover page, a table of contents, page numbers, a list of current references (minimum of 5), and an appendix of key figures, charts, and the like. References should be written in American Psychological Association (APA) or Modern Language Association (MLA) format. If you are not familiar with these formats, consult manuals in the library or online. Current references should come from a variety of sources such as journals, websites, and books. Do not use the internet and textbook as your sole resources. You are encouraged to use headers and sub-headers to label different sections of the paper. Since points will be deducted for spelling and grammar mistakes, I strongly recommend that each group have its report proofread by a writing tutor prior to submission. 

Europe:- Italy 


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