Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below


Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below classmate discussion post:

In the world of law enforcement agencies, noble cause corruption is a huge problem that must be control. Noble cause corruption has nothing but negative impact on the organization.  Noble cause corruption is corruption caused by the adherence to a teleological ethical system, suggesting that people will use unethical or illegal means to attain desirable goals , a result which appears to benefit the greater good. Examples of noble caused corruption are, planting or fabricating evidence, lying on reports or in court ,and generally abusing police authority to make a charge stick. 

Noble cause corruption is practice by many law enforcement agencies and some became norms by members, in a country with high crime rate and the justice system is not pure,  police officers are force to practice noble cause corruption for example, police will have knowledge of a harden criminal who has committed several murders with firearms but it is almost impossible for the police to catch the suspect with the firearm, then the police is force to plant a weapon on the suspect to take him off the street to avoid more chaos in the society. Harden criminal knows the system and how it work, so gathering information from them can be difficult, applying pressure or intimidating a suspect to talk what he know , I think I can take back this to my work place , It is wrong but for the greater good of the country and the organization.


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