Word count: 2,000 words minimum, excluding bibliography. Format: Business Report

Word count: 2,000 words minimum, excluding bibliography.
Format: Business Report

Title: Choose an NGO/Real Estate developer/Sports Facility that is considering international expansion. This organisation is wishing to expand internationally and needs to determine and analyse factors that will favour (or not) expanding to a particular region/country of the world (for example your country of origin). Create a business report that includes the following 5 sections in which you answer what factors should be considered in the organisation’s decision about whether to carry out this international expansion.

I- Executive Summary

II- Background

In this section you should provide an introduction that describes the layout of the report and the factors that will be addressed. You will need to briefly introduce the organisation you have chosen and present the organisation’s policy and strategy, vision and mission, ethical values, cross- cultural human resources management, international marketing management and finance policies/objectives in general.

III- Your country

Here in this section, for your country there will be a 3 to 4 page report determining the issues the organization would face if it decided to locate/expand there. Reference should be made to the organisation’s policy and strategy, vision and mission, ethics, human resources management, marketing management and finance issues relating to that specific country/region.

You should also address the social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal, ethical, and security issues that the organisation may face by choosing to locate in the country you have chosen to write about.

You will need to provide credible and correctly referenced data in support of your arguments.

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IV-Discussion, Conclusions and Recommendations

In this section you need to make recommendations for whether the organisation should go ahead with the proposed expansion in to your chosen country or not. You should include a discussion of the attitudes which favour working multiculturally, strategies that create a competitive advantage for international expansion and the advantages of culturally diverse teams in this section.

V- Bibliography

Minimum six references must be provided using the Harvard referencing system.


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