Each presentation has to contain 12 slides not including the

 Each  presentation  has  to  contain  12  slides  not  including  the  Title  Slide  and  the  Agenda  slide.
with the following layouts and enhancements.  Except for the title slid and agenda, these slides
need not be in any particular order:  
1 Title slide (first slide)
2 Agenda (second slide)
3 Bulleted List
4 Object (Bar Chart/Graph)
5 Object over text (or text over object)
6 Organizational Chart/Diagram
7 Table (enhanced)
8 Text and Clip Art (Graphic)
9 Two Column Text
10 Two Objects and Text
11 Add Photo as Slide Background
12 Source Text Boxes  – 3D effect
13 Pie Chart (Exploding with Leader Lines)
Each presentation has to incorporate the following techniques:
 Apply Design template (or Custom Background)
 Insert page numbers on all slides ( except the Title Slide)
 Insert Page numbers on Handout Notes
 Insert  a  Hyperlink  to  a  document  of  your  choice  in  relation  to  the  topic  of  your  presentation  (do
not link to the Internet)
 Apply slide transition.
 Apply custom animation, animations schemes to text, objects and clipart, graphics.
 Dimming Effect to text on at least two slides
 Limited sound effects
 Citation of sources on  the slide (minimum three sources)
 Speaker Notes
 Seven  by  Seven  (7X7)  rule  must  apply.  (Each  slide  should  have  a  max  of  7  lines,  and  each  line
should have a max of 7 words. 

 Example of the Reference Table
(Slide Layouts need not be in any particular order except for title slide, and agenda)
Number Slide Layout Slide Transition Custom
1 Title slide Box Out Text – Faded Zoom
2 Agenda Cover Down Text – Compress
Bulleted List
Object (bar chart or graph)
Organizational Chart /Diagram
Text and Clip Art (graphic)
Two Objects and Text
Object over text (or text over object)
Two Column Text
Add photo as slide background
Pie Chart (exploding with leader lines)
Source text boxes – 3D Effect 


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