Module 03 Content Now that Barbara has an understanding of


Module 03 Content

  1. Now that Barbara has an understanding of the factors that influence clinic performance, it is time to set priorities and develop a preliminary strategy. A clear strategy helps to focus energy and resources, establish organizational direction, and strengthen operations where there are opportunities for improvement.

    For this project assignment on UCCO, complete a minimum of a 2-page report to describe a high-level strategy with associated action items for, to include the following concepts:

    • Based on the results of the SWOT analysis, what should Barbara recommend as an overall strategy?
    • How will the selection of the chosen EHR system contribute to the strategy? Further explain why it was the best choice.
    • On what basis should she develop actions items? What should the action items be, as they directly relate to the strategy?
    • What should the recommended outcomes and/ or long-term goals be, based on the action items?

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