Assignment Content Child development is extremely important for teachers to


Assignment Content

  1. Child development is extremely important for teachers to know because it enables them to determine strategies for teaching and learning. By understanding child development, a teacher can make the most appropriate decisions regarding expectations for learning and identify children who may have problems with learning. 

    Assume you are an educational consultant hired by a philanthropist who wants to start a one-of-a-kind educational program that supports infants through early childhood with development in the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social areas. 

    Design an educational program with few budgetary constraints. You may select a community school, after-school program, summer school program, day care, sport or academic camp, club, or another educational program approved by your instructor. 

    Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes to submit to the philanthropist about your one-of-a-kind educational program for the following age ranges: 

    • Infants and Toddlers – The First 2 Years 
    • Early Childhood – Ages 2 to 6 
    • Note: You do not need to create audio for this presentation. The detailed speaker notes will be your script for the presentation. 

      Include the following for each age range’s education program: 

    • The learning theories that support your plan for this age level 
    • Create a chart that provides detailed information for at least 5 well-known child development theorists and includes the following: 
    • Brief description of theorist, including the time frame during which the research was conducted 
    • Explanation of beliefs and ideas regarding the following developmental domains: 
    • Physical 
    • Cognitive 
    • Emotional 
    • Social 
    • For each child development theorist, define the following factors and describe their influence on prenatal and child development: 
    • Biological 
    • Environmental 
    • Cultural 
    • A description of 3 learning activities you intend to use for each of the developmental areas and the learning theories behind these activities 
    • How you will include diverse populations 
    • 3 media influences that target this age level and how each might support development in the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social areas 
    • A description or diagram of how the environment would be organized so that children may develop in each area 
    • Current research to support your ideas
    • Submit your assignment.


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