Project Topic: Internet Security. Research Paper in APA Format The

Project Topic: Internet Security. 

Research Paper in APA Format

The paper should discuss in detail a management information system that could serve the needs
of an organization and/or company in advancing its mission. Provide an analysis of the
technology and industry trends. This paper should have the most recent technological
developments that have occurred with the technology. Think about how the technology helps
with achieving operational excellence, improving decision making, and achieving competitive
advantage. The paper must be in
APA format.

Length: The research paper should be between 8 and 10 pages. In addition, there must be a
title/cover and reference page. If you use graphics, such as pictures or graphs, do not include the
space taken as part of the total number of pages.  

– Absolutely no quotations more than 10 words (must show appropriate in-text citations)
– Paraphrase sources with appropriate in-text citations
-Strong introduction, which should:

1- immediately and concisely convey to the reader what the topic is;
2-convey to the reader how the research paper will be organized;  
3-include a strong thesis statement (indicate what the point of the paper is

-Your research paper will have in-text citations. The last page of your research paper will
have a corresponding reference page in APA format. For more on APA style guidelines,
please see:

-Your research paper must include at least five references including two peer reviewed
academic journal articles. Do not use Wikipedia as it is not credible; non-experts write it.


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