Homework #1 – EVSP331 – Public Lands Management Question 1.


Homework #1 – EVSP331 – Public Lands Management

Question 1. In your own terms, define what is meant by “integrated resource management”? Be sure to use your own words and provide examples to help support your answer. (25 points) Cite any source used to inform your answer.

Question 2. Summarize what is meant by “anthropocentric” views of natural resource use. What ethical considerations might be attached to this term? Is this always either “good” or “bad”? Why or why not? Be sure to support your answer with examples – you may use your personal experiences with natural resources. (25 points) You are encouraged to use and cite external sources in your answer.

Question 3. Summarize in well-written paragraphs the scope/extent of Federal land ownership in the U.S. Be sure to discuss what types of land are Federally owned, what they are used for, and how much land this represents. (25 points) Cite all sources of facts used in your response, both in the text of your answer and at the bottom of it.

Question 4. List 4 important Acts that formed the foundation of public lands management in the U.S. Explain why each was important and what events led to its passage into law? (25 points) Cite your sources!


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