Below is a link to an online article with 10

Below is a link to an online article with 10 questions , select 7 to answer , read article 

 Select 7 of the 10 questions;

  • List the 7 selected questions in a bulleted fashion, briefly describing the answers in your own words for each question. (3 points per question -total possible points 21 points)
  • For each of the 7 selected questions, provide a specific example of an appropriate action you should take as a teacher in an inclusive classroom depending on the teacher’s answer to the question. (2 points per question – total 14 possible points)
  • So, if you select question #2, you must provide an action or strategy to address the points in question #2.  You will do this for each of the 7 questions that you selected. (7 points) 

Online Article: How to Manage Disruptive Behavior in Inclusive Classrooms


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