Part 1: Write a brief Summary of the first third


Part 1:

Write a brief Summary of the first third of your book, in which you provide the overall context, or premise, of the book (who your author is and what part of their life they are telling us about, as far as you can tell from what you know so far, in the first part of your book). **Describe at least three specific sections or events from the first third of your book.

Part 2:

Analyze and describe a work of art from one of the virtual exhibits from the list provided below, and discuss how it relates to any aspect of your book so far. You may connect the two works in terms of either subject matter, style, and/or tone. You should include the name of the artist, as well as the name of the artwork, and what museum it is from in your write-up. You can indicate what type of art it is (painting, sculpture, video, mural, etc.), and you can describe the size, what colors are predominant, whether it is a realistic or abstract image, what the texture is like (if appropriate), and the subject matter, if this is apparent. You can include any explanation provided by the artist or the museum in your analysis (optional). (Be sure to give credit for any language which you incorporate from other sources, and include a Works Cited listing for any research sources used.) 

Your write-up should include:

  • At least four quotes from your book (from the first third of the book).
  • Specific details from your book (from at least three specific sections), and a specific description of your selected artwork.
  • An explanation of the connection between your book and the work of art.
  • A link to the artwork so we can all view it.

Choose from these local Bay Area and Sacramento Museums/locations:

Asian Art Museum (Links to an external site.)

California Museum (Sacramento) (Links to an external site.)

Berkeley Art Museum (BAMPFA) (Links to an external site.)

De Young Museum (Links to an external site.)

Mission District Murals (Links to an external site.)

Museum of the African Diaspora (Links to an external site.)

Oakland Museum of California (Links to an external site.)

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) (Links to an external site.)

San Jose Museum of Art (Links to an external site.)

**You will also need to respond to at least one other student’s post. 

(Approx. 450-500 words; more is fine.)

(All Discussion posts are due by 11:59pm on the due dates.)


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