Module 04 Content In this next part of your course


Module 04 Content

  1. In this next part of your course project, your manager has asked you to work with the network security team to implement a zone-based firewall with a DMZ, stateful inspection, and ACL packet filtering based upon security level.

    During a PCS compliance audit, it was revealed that the Application Development team was operating on a public IP address range separate from the rest of the company. (Unknown to management, the application development team had convinced the previous network administrator that the public IP range was necessary for testing reasons when in fact it was because they didn’t want the company to monitor their downloading of pirated movies.)

    Your manager asked you to review the design and implementation process and asked for recommendations to be made concerning which security devices should be configured to use stateful inspection versus stateless packet inspection as well as next gen firewall technologies.

    Follow the process outlined in the Module 04 Course Project Template for your project and provide a response to the Body and Executive Summary sections of the template. Note: You should be working off the latest version of your Network Diagram from your previous project submission.

    the original network is attached make sure to use it for the updated network diagram in question number 1.


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