Please watch the Songs of my Foreign Accent by Ibtisam

 Please watch the Songs of my Foreign Accent by Ibtisam Barakat, and read the related below, then reflect on how the occupation and the uprooting made Ibtisam Barakat struggle to “occupy” a bright place in the world of literary language art and how displacement made her find her roots in her language. 

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 Q&A: Palestinian-American author Ibtisam Barakat gets personal with her memoirs about growing up in political conflict

The Columbia-based international author talks about her nonfiction work and the importance of writing and studying your inner self

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 Barakat, Ibtisam 1963– |

Barakat, Ibtisam 1963–PersonalBorn October 2, 1963, in Beit Hanina, E. Jerusalem, Palestine; immigrated to United States June 9, 1986. Education: Birzeit University, degree (English literature); University of Missouri—Columbia, M.A. (journalism), M.A. (human development and family studies). Source for information on Barakat, Ibtisam 1963–: Something About the Author dictionary. 

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A bilingual speaker of Arabic and English, Ibtisam Barakat grew up in Ramallah, West Bank, and now lives in the United States. Her work focuses on healing so…US Macmillan