We’re digging into the self, perception, and communication. The book

 We’re digging into the self, perception, and communication.  The book goes into great detail about the impact “self” has on communication. Your responses should be a minimum of 3 sentences and mention concepts listed in the book.

1.  Think of someone who has had a significant impact on you, for better or worse. Describe how this person has communicated with you and how their messages have influenced your self-concept and self-worth.

2. What cultural expectations have affected your self-concept in terms of being “good’ daughter, son, friend, student, partner or any other roles you play?

3.  If you had to predict how well you will do in the rest of your academic career, what would you say? How might you behave to increase the chances of this becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy? On the other hand, what behaviors might prevent your prediction from coming true?


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