Review the syllabus for criteria for grading of Discussion Questions.


Review the syllabus for criteria for grading of Discussion Questions.  Discussion Questions are offered to enable the student to apply the information learned within the course to real world situations and issues.    The MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS for discussion questions are:

1. Your responses should reflect what you have learned and clearly identify you as a student in social psychology through the accurate use of course specific vocabulary.

2. Your response should be a minimum of 10 sentences with correct spelling and capitalization.

3. You must include a minimum of 3 citations to text material in each DQ.  Citing other sources does not eliminate the requirement to cite the text.

4. You must cite and provide a reference for all information taken from sources such as your text using APA citing and referencing.

5. You must thoughtfully respond to 1 other student for each DQ.  Responding to another student when you respond to the DQ is the best option.  CANVAS does not notify me that you have submitted a reply to another student, therefore, unless it is done at the same time as your original submission, I would not know to include your reply in your DQ grade.

6.  Be aware that 20% of your grade is based on scholarship which is performing ABOVE the minimum.

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  • Describe how a social psychologist vs. a sociologist would explain  these behaviors.  In addition, include your personal perspective on how to explain these types of events using information LEARNED from chapter 1 through the review of the Big Questions within Social Psychology found in the text.

After you’ve made your critique, comment on one of your classmates responses.  Do Not Just Agree, make thoughtful comments.


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