Day in the Life of IT – Social Business Platforms


Day in the Life of IT – Social Business Platforms

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Your organization wants to encourage more collaboration and communication in the organization.
The product team wants to collaborate with marketing and the sales team beyond the usual email system.

The head of Corporate Communications communicates monthly via email, but the organization recognizes the need to collaborate informally and adopt more “social business” methods of communication.  You’ve heard of Facebook for Business (Links to an external site.) and SAP Jam (Links to an external site.)

You have also viewed the CEMEX video case.

CEMEX (Links to an external site.)CEMEX

Your CIO wants to know how the company can use a social business platform for better communication and collaboration.

  1. What features would your recommend?
  2. What are the perceived benefits?
  3. What are the potential risks or challenges?

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