Marketing Research Project Part 3: Final Research Report You as


Marketing Research Project Part 3: Final Research Report 

You as a Marketing Research Manager have been assigned to conduct a small marketing research study. You have developed questionnaires and collected data in weeks 6-8. Please discuss and prepare the following items: 

  1. Data analysis and interpretation (Chapter 16-18) – Analyze your collected data; mention the technique and tools you used to analyze the data.
  2. Research Findings (Chapter 20) – Summarize the findings of your research.
  3. Conclusions and Recommendations (Chapter 20) – Draw marketing implications. What do you recommend to management based on your research study?


Brown, T.J., Churchill, G.A., & Suter, T.A. (2018). Basic marketing research (9th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. ISBN-9780357690512


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