In week 10, you will need to prepare a Power


In week 10, you will need to prepare a Power Point presentation for your final research report submitted in week 9. 

This presentation aims to share the results of your research and the summary of your final research report. You should be creative and make sure that the most critical points of your final report are covered. The presentation should be 5 minutes, through Voice Over PPT recording or video. You can determine the number of slides, but recommend having 7-8 slides, excluding the cover slide and the reference slide. You do not need to follow the APA format in the slides, but please make sure you include the source for the graph and table in your slide if you use any graphs and tables. You should have an intro slide and a conclusion slide. Submit a file containing links to your presentation audio or video to Moodle. 


Brown, T.J., Churchill, G.A., & Suter, T.A. (2018). Basic marketing research (9th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. ISBN-9780357690512


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