Consider the project team you will need to create for

Consider the project team you will need to create for the Lucky Me Animal Rescue adoption event. Begin your paper with a summary of the initiation phase, and elaborate on why team formation is critical in this phase. Next, assess each of the team considerations listed below.

  • Who should be on the team? Be sure to consider necessary skills and expertise.
  • What are your expectations of the team? In what ways can you prepare the team and promote unity and cohesion?
  • When should the project team be formed?
  • Where will your team operate (e.g., group, individual, virtual)?
  • Why is each member of the team important?
  • Finally, how will the team continue to manage the stakeholders’ expectations and keep them informed of the project’s progress?

Answer the questions above and provide your rationale for each. Your submission must be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages.

You must use at least three sources that are either peer-reviewed or academic in nature to support your submission.


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