Select a movie you watched before and enjoyed it. Find

  • Select a movie you watched before and enjoyed it.
  • Find links with its soundtrack (preferably on YouTube, because you will need to upload an example here) and analyze how the music enhances the emotional content in the movie. 
  • Upload a video with selected scenes of the movie you chose. Try to find specific parts of the movie you chose; if you can only find the movie in its entirety – or long parts of it – please provide specific minute marks that you will focus on.
  • Answe all of these questions on your post:
  1. Tell  your group what the movie is about (its basic story) and what emotions are brought up along the movie. Is it a mystery, a romantic movie, a space movie…?
  2. How does the music enhance the emotional content in the movie?
  3. How about your reactions… did you pay attention to or gave some particular thought about the music before this exercise? Why or why not?  
  4. Now that you are consciously thinking about the music, does it change your perception of the scene? why, or why not?

*This activity values 5 points (to see rubric click on the three dots – top right of your screen). There’s a minimum of 160 words for your main post (for points breakdown – SEE RUBRIC).


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