My hypothetical business is a company dedicated to producing and

My hypothetical business is a company dedicated to producing and selling Pisco Artesanal based on exotic fruits. We have a small production plant and three varieties of Pisco maceration based on Lucuma, Chirimoya, and Maracuya. The message is aimed at an alcoholic beverage enthusiast who is putting together a shopping list for a homemade Pisco sour festival.



– Alcohol percentage

– Alcoholic beverage


-Degree of alcohol

Choosing a Pisco macerate has never been an easy task. The alcoholic beverages category is highly complex even for us since we spend a lot of time experimenting to obtain the perfect product.
Let’s start with the alcohol percentage and the flavor. What is the ideal alcohol percentage for a Pisco mash? o What is the ideal flavor for a Pisco macerate?
The degree of alcohol almost always fluctuates between 42 and 53 degrees. This depends on the winery that produces it.As for the flavor, this can vary depending on the base or primary input that the macerate carries. Each person has a different palate, so the tastes are very volatile.
When tasting any pisco, we suggest closing your eyes and inhaling to feel the essence of it. It is an experiment that sharpens the senses and allows the experience to be more pleasant.
As your guests are tasting your varieties of Pisco sour, it is critical to suggest that they drink water so that the flavors do not mix and do not rise so quickly to the head,
Understanding the flavor is a more complicated task than it seems. Due to the high degree of alcohol, the palate can often be deceived. It requires a lot of practice and experience in tastings to distinguish the essence of the flavors with ease.
Finally, we suggest letting your guests know they will arrive accompanied by a designated driver, these homemade tastings are fun but they should always be done responsibly.
We have a detailed list of the varieties, percentage of alcohol, flavor, and even distillation process of each of the varieties on our website, and if you are interested, you can check it in.


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