Find an institution of HED that failed. (Use an institution

  1. Find an institution of HED that failed. (Use an institution other than the one in the course example.) What were the factors that contributed to its failure? Analyze the situation with these 4 common reasons for failure: (1) Failure to respond to competitive market, (2) Lack of product market focus, (3) Not being close enough to the customer, and (4) The tendency of top management to repeat behavior that has been successful in the past or lapse into inertia.
  2. Name the 2 strategic plans you reviewed among the university examples provided. Analyze one of them based on what a good strategic plan should include.
  3. Name a college/university president you believe to be effective. Provide quantifiable characteristics to support your choice–enrollment growth, academic program additions, physical plant additions, fundraising accomplishments. 

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